Q: How long does it take to see results. 

A: We ask customers to take a before pictures and keep using our products for 30 days then take after pictures, you will see beautiful results of growth.

Q: Can I put your oils on my babies hair.

A: We recommend not to use them on babies due to having Tea Tree Oils and other Oils that could irritate their young growing scalp.  

Q: Will my hair stop growing even after I stop using Kandeez Delite.

A: Your hair will keep growing even after using Kandeez Delite. With a great hair regimen and keeping the hair/scalp cleaned and moisturized your hair will keep its full growth. 

Q: What makes your product stand out from the rest. 

A: Kandeez Delite is 100% Organic/Chemical Free. We handmake our products because we are knowledgeable about what goes in our growth creams, scalp treatment, and our best seller our herbal growth oil. Our products are made with nothing but the best African Herbs, real African Shea Butters and 100% Organic Oils. Our hair care line is something you can't get in stores if you want the best results. 

Q: Will Kandeez Delite be available in stores.

A: As of right now no. Our Products are available online for everyone to purchase, but in the near future our goal is to put it in stores nationwide 

Q: How can we get in touch with Kandeez Delite Hair & Beauty LLC

A:  PO Box 671 Florissant MO, 63032 or by email KandeezDelite@gmail.com