Before and After Pictures

These results from my Alopecia customer has been using our Hair Growth Kit to grow back her hair, with in a month she has seen these beautiful results. 



 One of my customer daughter who have been struggling with hair damage, as you see here her hair wasn't looking its best damaged ends and a lot of breakage.

These pictures you can see she did a big chop to her hair its looking a lot more healthier, all pictures are true to date and year. You can see her true natural curls and the growth she has using the full product brand. Our Herbal Hair Growth Oil has helped her grow the hair thick and full along with the Moringa Growth Cream and our special Scalp Oil Treatment she uses to soothe the scalp after shampooing and conditioning or applies it when her scalp feels dry. 

March 2021 she is still using the whole product line. Her hair has grown so much  within a year she is now able to do finger coils. True to date it didn't take long for her hair to become full and thick. 


As CEO of my own business I to have issue with my own hair. My nape is where I have issues, that's why I use our Moringa Growth Cream not only does it help with growth but you can also style your hair with it. 

UPDATE: My nape area is thick and full. This picture was taken on May 5th 2021. I have been through my ups and downs with my hair journey but Its a learning process. 

For Skylar Faith we used the Herbal Growth Oil on the scalp and hair strands. After shampooing and leaving in conditioners, we used our products as a sealant to lock in moisture.